Natural Gas

Empire Natural Gas has the experience and knowledge to help

The energy industry is more volatile and complicated than ever before. Depend on our years of experience to help you make informed decisions. Empire Natural Gas has the technology to monitor market prices in real time and provide you with up to the minute information. We are known for outstanding customer support and are here to help you in any way necessary.

How it works

Empire Natural Gas Corporation has been serving natural gas for over 30 years. We purchase and transport your natural gas requirements for delivery to the utility city gate. The utility then uses its existing gas lines to transport the gas to your facility. We can do this at a lower cost than your utility and pass the savings onto you. Instead of receiving one invoice from the utility for supply and transportation, you will receive two at a lower total cost -- one invoice for supply from Empire Natural Gas and another from your utility for transportation.

No-Cost Invoice Auditing Service:

As an additional service to our customers, Empire Natural Gas offers a free utility invoice auditing service. This service consists of a thorough audit of utility fees / charges. If Empire Natural Gas determines there are potential savings opportunities, the customer will be notified and provided with recommendations to take advantage of these savings.